Brad Kennedy Electrical can assist you with the Installation and design of Underground Power cables on your property. Whether it’s a small cottage on a semi-rural block or a multi-million dollar complex, We have over 20 years of experience in installing underground and overhead cabling.

Why use us?

Our highly experienced, qualified electricians and will listen to your requirements and offer expert, no-nonsense advice on the most effective and efficient ways to install underground power safely and compliant to required standards.

It’s important for us that you are happy and we want to give you all the information and benefits of our experience to give you the best outcome for the investment you are about to make.

Why Underground?

Underground power on your property virtually eliminates the risk of falling tree branches damaging power lines. Up to 80% of damage to power lines can be attributed to falling trees.

Underground power enhances the look of your property by removing cabling from view. In some instances, Underground power can add value to your property.

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